7 brands of suitcase that have been highly tested quality

7 brands of suitcase that have been highly tested quality

To make it easier for us to bring equipment and luggage, suitcases are the right choice, because in addition to the large size, luggage is rated safer to carry items that are very sensitive to shock or impact such as camera or other electrical appliances while on the go. Of course in choosing the luggage should not be recklessly, do not buy from cheap but quality is not guaranteed.

Therefore, this time we will discuss about the brand of suitcases that have been very tested quality, for those who do not know what the brand is like what excellence, please note the following full reviews.

7 Quality Suitcase brands you should know

1. Delsey



Suitcase with Brand Delsey has a price that is relatively expensive and above average. But it needs to be emphasized once again if the price is issued will be comparable to the quality given by the suitcase brand Delsey.

One of its well-known products is Delsey Helium which is famous for its security, there is an additional compound inside with a safety zipper that makes your belongings more secure, and also the wheels with a single-spinner Capable of playing in any direction.

2. Eminent

Koper Eminent originated from Taiwan and has a fairly unique advantages and has outstanding power.

As an example of the suitcase Move Air series that has the power to withstand heavy loads of cars, amazingly strong is not it? Even while in the test there are no broken parts or dents, wow really interesting.

Not only that, there are still other unique, although this suitcase has an extraordinary strength it turns out that this suitcase has a pretty light weight when empty, and there are also various types of this brand Eminent, so what kind of choice you?

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3. Rockland



Rockland Luggage Brands become one of the best selling brand of luggage. Have a durable and durable advantage to make this suitcase much in demand, in the availability of colors and motifs that attract increasingly make this best selling luggage.

For example Polycarbonate series suitcases that are still being liked, you can have this suitcase at a cheaper price if you buy a package containing 2-3 suitcases.

4. American Tourister

The American Tourister brand is also famous for its strong and good luggage in all the series both the Hardcase and Softcase, the most comfortable is the American Tourister brand has an official store in Indonesia.

For the price itself varies greatly, ranging from 1 million to 2 millions, so we can choose according to the needs.

There is one note about American Tourister’s suitcase that is from some series have not used the latest wheel type, although it is not vital but for those who look until the detail part should choose correctly when buying the American Tourister luggage This one.

5. Travelpro



The suitcases of Travelpro offers a wide variety of luggage with neutral and elegant colors, different from other brands, this brand is more of a softcase type of suitcase, of course it is suitable for you who travel travelling With a short time.

No need to hesitate, although the product is softcase but the quality is not inferior to the product in the form of hardcase. The price is also still relatively medium, not too cheap but also not expensive.

6. Karabar

For those of you who are confused about choosing a quality suitcase but with a little budget, then Karabar is the right choice.

The Karabar suitcase is sold for only 1million. Although the price is relatively cheap, but the quality provided is not arbitrary, the evidence in the brand Karabar also use interesting details like 4 spinner wheels that can play in any direction, impact resistance features, TFA key and warranty 3years. The thing that is trying to prove by the brand Karabar ie good stuff is not always expensive.

7. Samsonite



For those of you who pay attention to the look in choosing a suitcase, it’s good to choose the Samsonite brand, offers good quality and attractive look makes this one best selling luggage.

One example is the Samsonite Cosmolite series that features an edge in the wheel where the four wheels can be rotated in any direction and have a grip using lightweight yet robust materials.

Samsonita Brand manufactures 2 types of luggage namely Hardcase and softcase, but nowadays the type of hardcase is much in demand.

That’s 7 brand of suitcase that have tested quality. Try to look first and adjust to your needs, okay?.